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 Welcome to our Web site!  We are California Attorneys & Counselors At Law, serving California Clients only; however we do associate on select matters with national lawyers or lawyers from other States, Countries, or jurisdictions. The firm handles matters of Litigation, Transaction, and Negotiation, in Civil, Criminal, Insurance, International and Policy matters. The firm also handles Business, Corporate and SOX matters. The firm has no allegiance to any one industry.                   

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BUSINESS | INSURANCE | ASSET & LEGAL RISK PROTECTIONS: Business, Trusts, Asset & Legal Risk Protections, Corporate, SOX/Sarbanes-Oxley, Real Estate, & Franchise Matters: We handle matters concerning Business Litigation, Insurance & Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denials, Business Formation, Asset & Legal Risk Protections (entity/trust formation and defense), Contracts & Governance (Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, D.U.S. Loan Underwriting for Income Properties, Landlord's Protection & Defense, Franchise matters, PPM's, etc.), Sox (Sarbanes-Oxley) matters, Estate, Probate & Trust Planning (Living Trusts, Private Retirement Trusts, Private annuity (SCIN) trusts, Children's Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Personal Residence Trusts, etc.). If you expect to be sued or to be liable on a debt or lawsuit, the general law precludes asset protection intended to hide or hinder creditors. However, there are a few specialized other procedures that are available. email
REAL ESTATE | LANDLORDS | DEVELOPERS: Commercial & Residential Real Estate Owners, Developers, Landlords:  We represent owners, developers, landlords, builders, contractors, etc. on all related matters. Mr. Rydstrom, Esq. has been published by "AIR Commercial Real Estate Association" on the power of taxes in the valuation paradigm of I.R.S. compliant Cost Segregation depreciation.
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                        Landlords Visit:  www.landlordsclub.Com
                        For Cost Segregation Visit:  www.forcostsegregation.com
                        Free Estimate Cost Segregation: www.123costseg.com
CONSTRUCTION: Design Architects, General Contractors, Construction Managers (CM's), Subcontractors:  We represent all industry participants. Mr. Rydstrom, Esq. has been published by "Constructor" magazine for the AGC Association on Optimal Best Practices for TaxFavored Construction using Cost Segregation, and its new services opportunities. Mr. Rydstrom, Esq. has pioneered this field.
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                        TaxFavoredConstruction:  Visit:  www.taxfavoredconstruction.com
                        Optimal Best Practices:  Visit:  www.optimalbestpractices.com
                                      Green Build Construction: http://www.greenbuildoptions.com
                                         Green Smart Design: Visit: www.greensmartdesign.com
BANKING & MORTGAGE LENDING: Banking, Broker, Lending Industry:  Mr. Rydstrom has been published by Chairman Rangel of the House Ways and Means Committee for the 110th Congress of the United States on Solutions to the Economy, Predatory Lending, Defaults & Foreclosures. Mr. Rydstrom created new Suitability Disclosures (TID) and risk mitigation devices (SHILO and FMII, DMII, IMII, BMII) that resolve issues for all market participants, including the borrower.  Mr. Rydstrom created non-cash substitutes or equivalent risk-pricing (ERP)  mortgage insurance investment funds (investment devices tradable on Wall Street) to pay for the enhanced risk of the subprime borrower without overloading the borrower with unaffordable monthly cash payments. Risk must be paid for or the risk price formula becomes corrupt. The question is, can it be paid for with non-cash equivalents?  Will "Wall Street" step up and create such vehicles?
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                       Bankers/Lenders Litigation & Buy Back Litigation:
                       Congressional Paper:  Visit:  www.bankriskmitigation.com
HELP4THEPEOPLE | Homeowner Defaults & ForeclosuresMr. Rydstrom created a public service outreach for the borrower/homeowner to help avoid defaults and foreclosures. This will keep some homeowners from losing their homes, and help reduce the impact of a potential national foreclosure epidemic.
                         Sponsored Sites:  Visit: www.helphomeowners.org
                        Help4ThePeople:  Visit:  www.help4thepeople.com
CONSUMER LAW: Consumer and Employee Protection Litigation: VIOXX, BEXTRA, CELEBREX, etc. We are reviewing consumer redress matters including Pharmaceutical Drug Litigation concerning: VIOXX, CELEBREX and BEXTRA.  Employment Labor Law: Visit:  http://www.consumerslegalclub.com | email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY: Serious Personal Injury Matters | Accidents | Medical & Hospital Liability: Ligori Law handles 'select' serious personal injury or medical and hospital liability matters. Winters & Yonker also specially serve  the motorcycle industry clientele. email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
PRIVATE CLIENT WEALTH GROUPThe Private Client Group is headed by Attorney Richard Rydstrom (National Author / Seminar Speaker, J.D. / B/S Accounting / Professor/Dean of Law, L.LM Program)  who has experience with celebrity or high profile clients. email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAW: Criminal / White Collar Liability/Traffic Ticket We handle select criminal matters including felonies, and white collar liability/crimes.  email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
HOA: Homeowners Association Representation / Oversight Matters: Both Attorneys O'Connell and Rydstrom handle California based homeowners and related Association / Management matters. With over 36 combined years of experience in business and litigation, the firm advises homeowners, homeowners associations, and management. email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
Litigation / Trial MattersAttorney Rydstrom and O'Connell have handled hundred's of litigation or trial matters, in civil or criminal law. Both Attorney Rydstrom and O'Connell are 'practicing attorneys' and Professors, and Deans of Law.  Both have taught classes in Advanced Trial Practice.  email: rydstromlaw@yahoo.com
INTERNATIONAL, EXTRADITION & BAIL LAW: We do handle select International Business, Treaty and Business/Criminal Matters concerning Bribery, Corruption, UN Convention, FCPA, Trade or Extradition, Bail or International Law Matters. Mr. Rydstrom earned his International Law certificate from Cambridge Law in England. Click for more info on International Law, Extradition & Bail! (www.extraditionuncertainty.com)
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